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Inmate Call Engine


The Total Inmate Telephone System

Inmate Call Engine

The Inmate Call Engine platform is designed to be a user-friendly system that offers first class features and advanced technology to your agency to help streamline the workload on your facility. The Inmate Call Engine platform runs exclusively on a VoIP-based centralized platform located in Longview, Texas so there is no need to install a server in your facility. Telespansets the system up with an ample amount of bandwidth at the jail to allow all phones to be used simultaneously, so facilities will never experience call blocking during peak calling hours. Additionally, we utilized three separate outbound carriers from our switch which allows emergency roll-over in the case of one of our carriers having technical issues.

Inmate Call Engine utilizes redundant Cisco® ASA Firewalls. These firewalls are constantly updated to ensure any known vulnerabilities are resolved. Our network is PCI compliant which means the system undergoes quarterly scans to ensure there are no known vulnerabilities. Any issues found require immediate attention in order to maintain PCI compliance.

All changes made to the data, either directly or through the user interface, are recorded to the log along with the IP address and username of the person making the change. For increased security, database permissions are limited to only key personnel who have access to view or modify the data directly.

First Class Features

Investigative Tools

There is a vast amount of data that could be improving your investigative efforts. Telespan can help you leverage that data with the powerful Inmate Call Engine investigative tools.

Live monitoring

Monitor phone calls in real time, even from your cell phone.

Call details storage

Store for up to 5 years without need for archival.

HTML5 audio player

Easy-to-use tool allows you to listen to audio anywhere via the web.

Data mining system

Find commonalities between inmates and called parties.

Destination call mapping

View a Google Map showing the residence of the family or friend who set up an account for the inmate.

Reverse Lookup

Identify destination number.

DTMF Digit Collection

Improved analysis through data collection.

Investigative Alerts

Set a range of helpful alerts that can be received by your investigative staff by phone call, email or text.

First Class Features


You put a high value on security, Telespan’s Inmate Call Engine has powerful features that can improve safety for staff and inmates alike.

ECHO™ Voice Biometrics

Analyzing unique voice characteristics enhances security and identifies PIN theft and PIN sharing.

Call Thresholding

Allow for controlled access of outside agencies to their recordings only.

Three-way Call Detection

Easily identify three-way calls with the option to flag or terminate.

First Class Features

Unique and Powerful Features

Discover the powerful features that the Inmate Call Engine offers for facility staff, inmates, and family and friends. Balancing the day-to-day tracking of inmates, facility management, and interactions with the public can be a complicated task on the best days. Telespan has built tools to make these interactions and tasks more efficient and easier to access. This will not only increase your safety, but positively affect your budget.

No-wait Prepaid Account Setup

Real-Time setup of a PrePaid account allows users to begin calls immediately.

Network Monitoring System

Monitor all phone calls from any location that has internet access.

Inmate Voicemail

Families can leave secure voicemails for inmates to listen to. Messages can be reviewed by staff as well.

Inmate Customer Service Voicemail

If an inmate has an issue with their account they can leave a voice message for the phone provider to assist with the issue.

Broadcast Messaging

Authorized staff can leave messages for Inmates to listen to before they can make a phone call.

PREA, Crime Tips and Grievance Notification

Set up a speed dial where Inmate/CI can call and leave a message for jail staff or investigator.

Commissary Calling

If you provide your own commissary or have a commissary provider Inmates can place commissary orders from the phone in their housing areas.

Web Interface

Access Inmate Call Engine features via the online interface.

Kiosk and Commissary Software

Integrate with Kiosk and Commissary for deposit convenience for families.

Jail Management System (JMS)

Integrate phones with your JMS.

Time of Day Announcements

Notify Inmates of time of day when they pick the phone up.

Inmate Information Line

Families can call a designated number to speak with a live operator to see what inmates bond information is.

Jailer / Guard Check In

Jailer/Guard can enter a code into the phone in each cell to confirm cell checks.

Collect calling to Mexico

Inmates can call family members in Mexico for a low collect call rate.

Easy Account Management for Family

Families can manage their PrePaid accounts via the web from any location.

Video Visitation (onsite and offsite)

Inmates can visit with family members from their cells. Families can visit from the convenience of their home using their computer or cell phone.


Tablets are used for education of inmates.